High-Tech Technologies is dealing in various Cyber Forensic, Mobile Forensic and Network Forensic Modules such as Imaging Tools, Analysis Tools, Password Recovery Tools, e-discovery Tools, Steganography, GPS Forensic, Video/Voice Forensic, and Intelligence related products having strategic tie-ups. We have our own proprietary solutions for computer forensic and information security.  


We also offer investigation services with our team of cyber forensic experts to assist you in your operations. It combines security engineering expertise with unmatched knowledge and understanding of information systems, technology and infrastructure to deliver security services and solutions to meet specific requirements....more 






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  • Enerprise Forensics

  • Mobile Forensics

  • Hard Drive Forensics

  • Project-A-Phone

  • Consumer Tools

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The Key Features of the Fox DataDiode are:
  • Reliable real-time one-way data transfer

  • Evaluation by the most stringent certification bodies.

  • Provides confidentiality for classified networks and systems; integrity and availability for Industrial Control Systems


  • Endpoint Data Protection

  • Email Protection

  • File and Server Protection

  • Management


Computer Forensic Solutions:

MediaClone’s SuperImager® Plus computer forensic products capture data at exceptionally high speeds and come in a variety of models, including lab based and rugged mobile field units, all of which are user-friendly and perform comprehensive forensic analyses....


Computer Forensic Tool for Law Enforcement

ProDiscover® Forensics is a powerful computer security tool that enables computer professionals to find all the data on a computer disk while protecting evidence and creating evidentiary quality reports for use in legal proceedings.


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  • Audio/Video

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  • Macintosh

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  • Bus Powered

  • Host Cards

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  • Homeland Security

    Services for the SCADA/Military market

  • IT Security

    Services for the IT/Enterprise market



  • Aceso

  • Athena

  • Analysis Suite

  • Apollo

  • Hermes


  • X-Ways Forensics

  • X-Ways Investigator

  • WinHex

  • F-Response

  • X-Ways Trace

  • Davory

  • X-Ways Security

  • Evidor

  • X-Ways Replica


Forensic Studio by Belkasoft
  • All popular Instant Messengers and Browsers supported
  • Analyzes Outlook, Outlook Express and The Bat! mailboxes
  • No password required
  • No write access required
  • Mounted Encase image support
  • Gargoyle Investigator™ Forensic Pro Edition

  • Gargoyle Investigator™ Enterprise Module (GEM)

  • Stego Suite™

  • Advanced Threat Identification™




  • Control of confidential data
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Customized access to information according to functional hierarchical and granular policies
  • Ability to trace actions on files
  • The simplification of procedures for configuring complex...

The Best Doesn't Have To Be The Most Expensive!  DC LIVE/Forensics Audio Lab 7.5

DC LIVE/Forensics was released in 2000 and and filled an important gap that was missing from the Audio Forensics world at that time. Previously, all Forensics solutions were based on expensive hardware that was difficult to use, hard to repair and even harder to upgrade. For the first time, Forensics customers were able to analyze, enhance and


Software for Mac OS X

  • Internet Evidence Finder (IEF)

  • Encrypted Disc Detector (EDD)

  • Web Page Saver (WPS)


  • WiebeTech
    A Brand of CRU-Dataport




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