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Product Info
Boole Server is a platform enabling businesses to apply processes and policies intended to secure and control access to confidential information and the secure storage of it to ensure operational stability.
The Boole Server solution can be utilised by a diverse range of businesses due to itís flexibility in allowing:
- Control of confidential data
- Protection of intellectual property
- Customized access to information according to functional hierarchical and granular policies
- Ability to trace actions on files
- The simplification of procedures for configuring complex applications by utilising the
  Software Development Kit (SDK). This ensures maximum levels of efficiency in the delivery
  of Web applications, the implementation of security policies and the design of Web services
  accessible via Web browser.
Security Features
Boole Server is the security platform through which data confidentiality is protected since only authorized users have access to specific information according to the permissions granted.
Each profile is assigned with an authenticating domain along with a username and a password, through which users can have access to information and execute operations made available specifically to them.
To avoid persistent attempts at unauthorized access to data, it is possible to temporarily lock accounts after a maximum number of failed logon attempts.
Boole Server allows assignation of time limited, temporary passwords preventing login data from being intercepted by key logger systems.
A Scheduling option allows restriction of access to information to particular times of the day.
It is possible to disable the Print Screen option of any Personal Computer preventing information being copied or captured while viewed or transferred on external memory support such as USB device.
A file preview allows users to see a file for only for a finite period before removing it.
Applying a Watermark with the date, time and username of the user viewing the preview allows the tracking of that particular session.
The Auditing option gives the data supervisor a complete track of who has connected to the server, files viewed and what actions have been performed on them.
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