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Comprehensive suite of email encryption products

Email is an essential business tool that enables organizations to efficiently communicate - both internally with colleagues and externally with customers, clients, and partners. Yet, unprotected email stored on devices and servers or sent across the Internet in clear text poses a critical risk to an organization's most sensitive data: legally protected information such as customer records as well as confidential corporate information such as financial and intellectual property data. Exposure of this information to unauthorized parties can result in financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage.

Best practices for securing confidential company information and compliance related data sent via email is through the use of encryption. With email encryption, organizations can minimize the risk of a data breach and comply with partner and regulatory mandates for information security and privacy. Protecting email against threats like viruses and worms are important. Yet, when it comes to the last line of defense, encryption protects the target of the email threats – it protects the data itself.

PGP's comprehensive suite of email encryption products enables companies to customize their email protection to best meet business needs. PGP gateway, end-to-end, and clientless solutions can work standalone or in combination. They also work unmanaged or centrally managed and policy based using PGP Universal™ Server. PGP® solutions are standards based to offer a high level of interoperability with recipient's encryption solutions.

PGP email encryption solutions include:


  • PGP® Universal™ Gateway Email – Secure emails going external to the company, even to recipients without encryption software
  • PGP® PDF Messenger – Secure communications to large groups of customers or partners, such as monthly statement delivery, even to recipients without encryption software