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As owner or administrator of a high-security network, you are acutely aware of the security risks and threats involved in data transfer. That is why security requirements forbid your high-security network to be physically connected to any external network. This often means that data from an external source needs to be transferred manually on a portable data medium, such as a USB stick, CD or DVD. What is more, this time-consuming transfer is not done in real-time, and more importantly, creates security risks.

As a leading European supplier of complex, high-impact security solutions, we too realize a breach of data security could have wide-ranging negative effects involving national security, financial fraud, industrial espionage (commercial interests) or privacy aspects.

This is where our Fox DataDiode really comes into its own. Totally secure, its hardware-driven, one-way data connection is tailored to connect your high-security networks. Rest assured, such risks and threats are a thing of the past.

But there is more. This elegant security solution is real-time, fast and easy to use, while offering the same high—if not even higher—standard of security you demand.

Product description

The Fox DataDiode, a perfect, hundred-percent-secure solution, transfers data—online, in real-time and continuously—between two networks of varying security levels without compromising the security of the receiving network. This is largely due to a key component: the Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode.

The Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode, a unique hardware-based communication device, is central to the solution. It deploys a gigabit optical data link to transfer data in only one, single direction (hence the term ‘diode’). In this way, a low-security network is connected to a high-security network, or to a network with the same level of security, but without any risk of data loss or intrusion to the high-security network.

A Fort Fox Data Diode configuration comes with two commercial-of-the-shelf servers, connected to the transmitting and receiving networks to provide additional user and network-administration functionality.

Features and benefits

The Fox DataDiode offers security and data integrity, enhanced through the use of event logging, and error detection and correction. It also boasts an easy transfer procedure and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, users of the receiving network are able to receive e-mail from outside their network, print locally or access frequently used websites or databases, all without exposing their high-security network to outside risks or threats.

In a nutshell, the Fox DataDiode offers the following features and benefits:

• Unique hardware-based, one-way data link whose security has been approved by the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency (NL-NCSA), and is accredited up to and including (NATO) SECRET level
• Easy to use web interface for users, administrators and auditors
• Automated/scheduled procedures for web and database mirroring
• Error detection and correction for data integrity
• Event logging and SNMP traps on both sides of the data transfer for detecting (and responding to) unlawful or inappropriate activity
• Time synchonisation for the high-security network
• Continuous online data link: no need for time-consuming, risky and expensive manual transportation of confidential data using a portable data-storage medium, such as a USB-stick, CD or DVD

The Fox DataDiode also allows users of the high-security network to:

• Receive (not send) e-mail from the low-security network
• Locally access frequently used websites, databases and FTP servers
• Locally print jobs from the low-security network

To place things in perspective, it is useful to review the current alternative: the manual air-gap data transfer procedure. In addition to the effort, time and cost involved, this form of data transfer also introduces security risks through possible loss of portable storage media, or their incorrect disposal. Moreover, this type of transfer is neither continuous, nor is it conducted online nor in real-time.

Users and applications

The Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode’s proven technology is currently deployed in several countries and within multiple agencies.

Developed primarily for security-conscious government authorities, such as defense organizations, intelligence agencies and the police, the Fox DataDiode is equally suited for deployment by commercial organizations. These could be financial institutions or highly competitive R&D environments.

Applications range typically from transmitting tax returns to a tax authority’s back-office network; and transferring intercepted telecom data to a police or intelligence network for analysis; to transferring data between NATO’s secret network and a member government’s own high-security network.