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Enterprise key management for 3rd party and custom applications


Encryption is an essential element of any data protection plan. It applies from the employee desktop to the data center and the cloud, and all points in between. IT organizations are adding cryptographic measures to maintain consumer privacy, preserve data integrity, avoid data loss, prevent intrusions, and address compliance demands. Each new data protection technology contributes to a growing volume of keys that need to be managed, and fractures the hope of maintaining control.

PGP Key Management Server

PGP® Key Management Server provides organizations with the infrastructure and tools to manage large scale deployments of encryption keys and certificates. Instead of using proprietary standalone key repositories or custom single purpose tools, PGP Key Management Server delivers a better approach to managing encryption keys by starting with a design core around supporting different types of keys, trust models and applications.

  • Pare down operational cost and complexity - Maintaining multiple key repositories requires extensive labor, resources, and expertise. PGP Key Management Server simplifies the environment with a consistent administrative interface.
  • Reduce risk of unrecoverable data - Ensure that dependable key recovery methods are in place before the need arises.
  • Prevent unexpected downtime - Unanticipated certificate expirations can bring business to a standstill. Automate certification updates and eliminate certificate accidents that lead to system outages.
  • Stay in control - IT leaders need to know if their security policy matches reality. Key management helps organizations account for encryption keys throughout their environment and demonstrate proof of compliance.

PGP Key Management Server provides a versatile foundation to centralize management of encryption throughout the enterprise to help organizations take control over their encryption keys, strengthen security, and reduce operational cost.