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Protect confidential files on servers and sent to business partners

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Data transfer and processing systems are at the heart of every organization, exchanging large volumes of information between internal systems, suppliers, and customers. However, legacy data transfer systems are especially prone to security breaches, because traditional file transfer and email protocols have no built-in security.


For organizations that need to securely exchange large volumes of information, PGP® Command Line can protect business-critical data easily and with little impact on existing systems. PGP Command Line can also be used to protect large volumes of information stored on servers from unauthorized access.

  • Trusted data transactions - Secures data in back-end systems to ensure confidentiality and authenticity in transactions.
  • Fast and flexible deployment - Integrates easily into new and legacy business processes.
  • Comprehensive protection - Secures data in transit and at rest.
  • Enterprise standard - Leverages a common encryption application across enterprise systems.

As a PGP® Platform-enabled application, PGP Command Line leverages keys managed by PGP Universalš Server, expediting deployment and systems management. PGP Command Line can be used in combination with other PGP® encryption solutions to provide multiple layers of security.

PGP® Command Line enables organizations to integrate encryption into batch processes, data transfer, and backup processes to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit. Whether it is credit card information, financial transactions, payroll, medical records, or other confidential information, PGP Command Line makes it straightforward to secure data from end to end during automated operations and backup procedures.