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PGP Endpoint Device Control

Prevents data loss from removable storage and portable device connections

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Removable digital storage devices (such as USB flash drives and CD/DVD drives) and mobile connection technologies (such as Wi-Fi, FireWire, and Bluetooth) are increasingly popular in the enterprise environment. They are convenient and enhance productivity, but present new security risks to the enterprise. The data on these removable endpoint devices and media may contain intellectual property or sensitive customer information. Company policy and employee education can be insufficient to safeguard the data from insider threats and accidental data leakage. The exposure of sensitive data that results from the loss or theft of a removable storage device or medium can result in financial expenses, legal ramifications, and brand damage.

PGP Endpoint Device Control

PGP® Endpoint Device Control provides built-in security that detects, authorizes, and secures removable storage devices and media (such as USB drives, CDs, and DVDs).

  • Easy, automatic operation–Permits safe and authorized removable storage use, without changing the user experience or reducing productivity.
  • Enforced security policies–Enforces policies for device usage via USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections; automatically encrypts removable storage based on policy; can also log usage and demonstrate compliance to auditors.
  • Accelerated deployment–Reduces setup time and speeds enterprise protection without requiring user intervention and by leveraging existing enterprise directory infrastructure.
  • Reduced operation costs–Result from fast deployment, ease of use, centralized management, and automated enforcement of security policies.