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The solution that protects data from unauthorized and malicious software

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The battle to protect your network from malware can seem insurmountable.

PGP® Endpoint Application Control provides granular, policy-based enforcement of application use to proactively secure endpoints from data leakage, malware, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, worms and viruses, zero-day threats and unwanted or unlicensed software. With PGP Endpoint Application Control, administrators can centrally manage, monitor, and control applications with a whitelist approach that allows only authorized applications to run, ensuring no unwanted or unlicensed software will execute on the corporate network and disrupt business.

PGP Endpoint Application Control

  • Reduces the risk of a data breach –Ensures sensitive corporate data is not compromised by unauthorized and malicious software.
  • Proactive and automatic protection - Reduces helpdesk and administrative burdens. Provides automatic, zero-day protection from known and unknown application threats.
  • Supports Compliance–Detailed audits of application execution assist in demonstrating compliance.
  • Business continuity–Prevents business downtime caused by proliferation of malicious software applications.
  • Transparent user experience–Automatic and background operation ensures user productivity is unaffected.