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PGP Universal Server

Automate encryption across the enterprise with a single administrative console

Technical Specifications FAQ


Enterprises are increasingly deploying encryption to protect their most sensitive information. Unfortunately, deploying point solutions to protect email, disks, and files involves deploying and managing multiple management consoles. This piecemeal approach prevents organizations from addressing new requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner.

PGP Universal Server

PGP Universal™ Server manages security policy across multiple applications to defend sensitive data and avoid the financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage resulting from a data breach. PGP Universal Server manages PGP® Platform-enabled applications that provide email, disk, network shares and file encryption.

Using PGP Universal Server, an organization can deploy one encryption application to address an immediate tactical requirement and then deploy additional applications later, as required. This strategic approach to encryption allows the enterprise to quickly adapt to emerging requirements for encryption using a single encryption management console.

PGP Universal Server provides:

  • Policy enforcement-Delivers centralized policy configuration and removes the risk of inconsistent or incorrect policy configuration.
  • Reporting and logging-Provides visibility into the current state of data protection to help satisfy management and auditor requirements.
  • Extensible framework-Reduces the time and cost of deploying future encryption applications by eliminating redundant management infrastructures.
  • Key management-Creates, distributes, and stores encryption keys while maintaining the organization's ability to allow authorized personnel to access encrypted data.